Random Lesson:  Getting Gigs

In this video, I am trying to get hired to play at local political fundraisers. Short and sweet, I let them know that I can play and the t-shirt lets them know that I've done my homework.  A minute or two at most. Better to make many short videos than longer ones.

Random Lesson:  Getting Gigs (con't)

This too is me aiming for the same political fundraiser gig. Play tunes people know to get gigs. Save your originals for the gig itself. Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a good example of what people know and like to hear. This is my first run on this tune in months, so I am also reminding myself how to play it. After watching this I decided to start with the main theme and cleaned up the playing. This version did not get sent BUT it really helped in making the final version much better. The final version clearly stated the song name AND my name!

Use your iPhone for everything including Getting Gigs

Do you Need a Teacher?

Rule one of finding a teacher is make sure your prospective teacher is also getting lessons. I take lessons to this day, some in person and some on the internet. I know a little and I can pass that on. I teach all the time to big kids, small kids, and adults who are just really big kids. I teach life lessons, music theory, gig tips, and anything else that comes from being a neuropsychologist and a jazz musician.

If you want to get better, use a teacher AND the internet. Both do something different, just like playing piano and playing guitar will facilitate different learning.  I have a sliding scale, but expect to pay around $25 to 40 an hour at my house, or $30 to 40 at your North Jersey residence. If that's too much, we work out terms.

I firmly believe in the practical tips (see below) as well as music theory. For example, NEVER leave a guitar in your car (practical) to sing every interval everyday (theoretical). 

Random Tip

Ask around and find a local, awesome repair person. This person can help you with everything. My advice:

"Buy a cheap guitar and modify it with what you want"

I buy lower end guitars, bring them to my guy (Ian Kelly in Little Falls) and have him modify them  to my preferences. My guitars play and sound great to me. I have some collector guitars but I mostly play my modified Gretch duos or my totally ripped apart 1980 Strat. I have more expensive guitars, but these customs are the ones I seem to grab most often

A Quick Sample First Lesson

Some Random Points that are in my Lessons