Listening to Trane on his birthday. He and Hank Mobly are two idols of mine.
If you know anything about Keith Jarrett, you know not to take pictures during the performance. This is before a Carnagie show, 2017.
At the Woodlawn Cemetery....
From the group Hudson featuring my favorite drummer Jack Dejhonette and  a pretty good guitarist, John Scofield

The Guitarists are too many to name... 

Bill Frisell, Pat Metheny and all the ECM players. In rock, it is Jeff Beck, Ani DiFranco, Randy Rhodes and Jimi. In blues, SRV and Albert Collins.


ECM records will always be my main source of sounds. But I love anything that swings or does something a bit different. Hanging out at WBGO, our local jazz station has taught me that many folks grew up on Zeppelin and Rush, but migrated to jazz later in life.
My ears continue to expand and that is something I wish upon everyone. 
I studied fruit fly audition for years and still research the brains of musicians. I can conclude I know next to nothing about what music does.