"I had my first gig in 1987" laughs Julian Paul Keenan, "It was a High School rock band. Soon we were playing local bars, schools, parties. It was during this time I started to train formally, first with teachers and then in college courses in music theory." Julian began his jazz studies in 1991 and has been a passionate teacher, composer, and student ever since.


Julian Keenan has played 30 years of weddings, parties, events and concerts. Be it at noted Jazz Clubs (e.g., Trumpets) or local gatherings, Julian has probably done it. "I have played with Jazz luminaries, but also had the classic gigs where the band was smokin' at 3am. I teach guitar, but also volunteer at our local Jazz radio station (WBGO). " 

"Neuroscience informs my playing, for sure," Julian notes, "I am always excited about what the brain can do with music. Usually it is a simple melody or beat that excites the brain. When it comes to music, the brain was born ready."

The New Standards is Julian's upcoming album which will feature classics from the likes of Bill Frisell, John Coltrane, and Thelonious Monk, but also reworking of rock songs from Dylan and the Beatles. He has a number of previous all original albums, One Bad American and Observer Highway, and Lemon Juice.

Julian Paul Keenan lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. 

Julian Paul Keenan holds a PhD in Neuropsychology and is an Evolutionary Biologist. He has studied numerous topics including the brains of musicians when he was on the faculty at Harvard. He now studies how different types of music create visual images. He is a Professor at Montclair State University in the departement of Biology.